Wave Broadband

Wave Broadband is an internet, phone and cable TV provider. People have taken some time to check on the options they offer for their internet service and so far, what most people saw are variations from real slow to real fast bandwidth (speed).

For the slow speed they offer, the speed is at 256 kbps for the downstream (speed at which your computer receives data) and 128 kbps for the upstream (speed at which your computer sends data). Their high speed can do as much as 18Mbps for the downstream and 2Mbps upstream. In case you are wondering, downstream speed simply refers to the rate at which your computer receives data.

On the other hand, upstream speed refers to the rate at which your computer sends out data and usually has a lower bandwidth than the downstream. The 18Mbps high speed is usually for professionals or business use. So if you are an average consumer but finds the slow speed quite slow, you may choose from their other high-speed options which go for a much lower price but with a considerable speed. For instance, 10Mbps is offered for online gamers and other two cheaper options come with 6Mbps and 1.5 Mbps, all downstream rates.

Payment options are also easy with Wave Broadband. You can do online transactions or go to their payment centres with your monthly bill. Customer care for technical support is 24/7 plus, they offer free house calls. Customer care for payment and billing are at regular hours Mondays through Saturdays (with a few hours extension during weekdays up to 8:00PM) and Sundays (9:00AM to 1PM). Customer service is accessible either by phone, mail or online.