Use Mild Speed to Identify Your Server

Applications to Identify Your Server

The good information is you do not will need a tremendous accurate examination, as a substitute, a relatively accurate option is easily accessible. All you will need is a very little understanding of the speed of gentle and optical fiber! Critical items of info:

one. Mild travels at around 186,000 miles per second or 186 miles per millisecond in a vacuum.
2. Fiber has a refractive index of all around one.46.
3. The present day “Internet” is fiber when dealing with very long distances.

In situation you haven’t recognized, these are not exact calculations.

The subsequent action in your learning procedure is to comprehend a “ping” examination. You almost certainly have the “ping” tool on your laptop already. “Ping” is a basic application made use of to examine community connectivity and effectiveness. It will send out a examination packet of info out to a specified domain or IP and time how very long it usually takes for that domain or IP to answer. It will report that back to you in “milliseconds.” We have instructions if you have hardly ever made use of this prior to.


Soon after you have accomplished the ping tests, just acquire the the resultant milliseconds and multiply it by the speed of gentle in fiber. This will give you the round trip mileage. Divide by two for the one way distance:

Taken from the normal outcome of the Linux instance from earlier mentioned for a ping from Newark, Delaware to Los Angeles, California

seventy seven.2 Milliseconds * 186 miles per millisecond / one.46 refractive index = 9835 miles round trip or 4918 one way.

Wait around a millisecond, traveling from Newark, DE to Los Angeles, CA is not almost 5000 miles! Straight line distance is about 2,350 miles. The shortest distance by auto from Google is 2700 miles. In this situation, for the reason that we have a good concept of what metropolitan areas the actual physical route goes as a result of, it is about 3,200 miles. So what provides?

Other Variables

There are a bunch of exterior factors that influence the “distance”:

one. The examination packet should be encoded and decoded by your laptop and the target laptop.
2. Devices like switches and routers (try a “trace route“) should interact with your packet to get it to it’s vacation spot.
3. Not all of the route will be above fiber. Most of it will be, but sure pieces these as your personal Internet link, will not be.
four. Life is not excellent.

Test It On your own

Even so, this is a reasonable way to evaluate “distances” to locate your server site. Test it out on distinct sites and evaluate it to to our East Coastline data middle (suburban Washington, D.C.) and our West Coastline data middle (Los Angeles, California). Ping the following to see the distinction: