Tips on Buying a Used Mirrorless Camera

Lately a lot of people are increasingly fond of photography. Especially for people who are hooked once selfie. For those who love traveling, the camera is regarded as one of the valuable items that should not be do not have and cannot be missed, is obligatory for the traveler’s. Although smartphones rated easier to carry and more practical, but for most people, take pictures using the camera actually rated much more cool and classic. Do not rely on the convenience provided smartphones is the concept. And because its cost most people tend to buy used camera for saving money as said. The aim is to achieve its own aesthetic values ​​when using the camera. Most people use a DSLR camera, but the camera is very heavy and are widely used by professional photographers. There are other alternatives if you do not want to use a DSLR camera, the mirrorless camera.

Mirrorless camera is very light, because as the name suggests, this camera is not equipped with a mirror in it. The mirror is in the DSLR camera is why this camera is a bit heavy, not to mention when added with other lenses. This mirror is intended to reflect the existing object to the viewfinder, but the mirror was not contained in the mirrorless camera to make the design of this camera is smaller, simple, and practical. This camera can be called a pocket camera because of its small size and has recently become one of the favorites among complementary traveler in his trip. Maybe not just the traveler who uses these cameras, but also used in almost every circle. These cameras tend to be expensive, for it is used only to photograph only and not for professional photographing, better to buy only the traces. Despite the former, its quality must also remain good, provided it’s not to be fooled when bought. Here are some tips on buying a used mirrorless camera with still good quality.

The first thing is to check the general condition of the camera body. Check for signs of use, how many blisters are present. Then part of the nut or bolt, how often the camera has been dismantled. Later writings, whether still visible or not, and also the condition of his flash, autofocus her, its buttons, memory card slot of his least choose a camera with good quality which is still 90% in appropriate conditions wear.

Conditions lens. The camera lens is the most crucial. If this section is not carefully examined, might be there later on when use was already broken. Make sure the rubber on the lens is still tight, check the images produced. Then see if there is mold or other dust dirt on the lens, because usually there are users who clean the camera sober and did not realize there were many mushrooms in it. Also, check the condition of the battery carefully. Is he quick drop when used or not. Batteries are problems it will create conditions that are not prime when the camera is used. It is suggested that it is better to buy a spare battery.