How to Make a Wi-Fi Booster from a Spare Router?

If your property or business has all those patchy ‘black spots’ the place the wifi signal isn’t going to achieve, then you ought to be wondering about applying Wi-Fi boosters? But why have to have a new booster? If you have an outdated router as a spare one particular, then you can completely transform it into a Wi-Fi booster. This article explains the course of action of using a router as an amplifier to increase the wifi signal strength of your recent router.

These boosters, also identified as amplifiers or repeaters assist in increasing the selection of wi-fi relationship so that it reaches to even all those parts which or else have extremely weak reception. But in its place of shopping for a new Wi-Fi amplifier, you can convert a spare router into a signal booster. To get a lot more know-how on this fascinating plan, browse this article.

However, not all routers can be utilized as Wi-Fi amplifiers. That is due to the fact a number of ISPs intentionally lock down their machines so that they come to be unusable as a signal amplifier. Consequently, only specified routers with a precise style of setups can be reused as signal boosters. Generally, routers purchased independently can be transformed into a Wi-Fi repeater. If the IPS has not blocked your spare router, then you can use it for wi-fi relationship signal boosting intent. Not essentially, you have to use routers from the exact product. So, if you have a spare router, not blocked by its IPS, then just perform the following steps to make it practical as a Wi-Fi booster.

Action one- Get the Information of Most important Router

Very first thing initial, you have to have to collect some specifics about your recent router. To get these specifics perform the following steps:

•    Go to any Windows Computer system related to your community

•    Open up the Manage Panel

•    Go to the Community and Sharing Centre

•    Decide on ‘Change adapter configurations.’

•    Then right-click the ideal relationship that connects the Computer system to your router

•    Decide on ‘Status’ and then ‘Details.’

•    A new window will open that highlights your gateway and the PC’s IP address.

•    The gateway is the address of your recent (primary) router. Generally, it is in the format or related. Note it down.

•    Following open a internet browser

•    In the browser address bar, style the gateway IP address

•    Strike Enter

•    That will open a setup display for your primary router.

•    Now you have to have to enter your router’s username and password. If you you should not know the specifics, then you can verify on the Internet by entering your router product selection. You can get the default username and password for the router.

•    Right after supplying the password, you will have access to the router’s configuration display.

So now you have access to your primary router’s configuration display. You you should not have to have shifting any configurations. Only note down specifics these types of as the channel, the router identify, stability style, etcetera.

Step2: Set the 2nd (spare) Router

Now, you have all the requisite specifics with regards to your recent (primary) router. So, shift to the spare router, which you will use as the Wi-Fi repeater. Very first you have to have to reset this router to its manufacturing unit configurations. For that, verify the back of the router for a little hole. That hole has the reset button inside of it. The reset button is stored hidden so that you you should not push it accidently. Now, power on the router and place a paper clip or any related thing inside of that hole and press the Reset button. You will see that all the lights on the router will go out and occur back. That indicates the completion of resetting system. Now, perform the following steps:

  • Working with a community cable hook up the spare router to a Computer system, which is not in your Wi-Fi community.
  • But if you have only one particular laptop or laptop computer, then you can use it but only right after disconnecting it from your recent Wi-Fi community. Far better, you turn off your primary router though you established the spare router.
  • Now, you have to have to get access to the configuration site of this spare router. For that, perform the related steps that you did with your primary router. When you are in the configuration site, shift on to the up coming action.

Action three- Improve the Configuration of the Spare Router

  • Go to the Wi-Fi configurations site
  • Help wi-fi connectivity
  • Delete the wi-fi community identify and fill the exact community identify that your primary router has.
  • Decide on a channel which is considerably away from the channel that your primary router is applying
  • Delete the stability style and fill the exact stability style that your primary router has
  • Sort in the exact router password that you use for your primary router

Step4- Give a set IP to your Spare Router

Now to make your spare router functional together with your primary router, you have to have to give a set IP address to the spare router so that the primary router simply acknowledges it. To assign a set IP address, head on to the LAN setup site. Now, give the secondary router an IP address. Remember that this IP address must be in a exact selection together with the primary router’s IP addresses, but it must be outside the house the default selection assigned by DHCP (Dynamic Host Communications Protocol).

Let’s suppose that the primary router has an address of and the DHCP assigned selection is concerning and nine. So, you can give the spare router an IP address of Note down your new assigned IP address. On every configuration site, click the ‘save settings’ button and allow your router reboot. Now, attempt accessing it by typing the newly assigned IP address.

Action 5- Hook up the two routers

So, now you have two routers with exact community identify, exact password, exact stability style and unique channels. Then you have also assigned a new set IP address to your spare router. Now, it really is time to hook up the two routers applying a extended community cable. But if you want to spot the new router turned wi-fi amplifier in a unique space then you can use the powerline networking adapters. These adapters use the property electrical wiring to transfer the wi-fi relationship from one particular space to a different.

Action six-Exam your community

Now, you have both of those the routers related to every other and the spare router rightly placed in the ‘black spot’ location. Transform on both of those the routers and examination you community to verify irrespective of whether the spare router is performing as a Wi-Fi booster. To examination the operation of the new wi-fi signal amplifier, perform the following steps:

•    Just take a wi-fi device these types of as a smartphone, pill or laptop computer

•    Check its signal strength when shut to the spare router, which you have placed close to to your Wi-Fi black spot location.

•    If you are acquiring very good signal strength in the earlier ‘black spot’ location that suggests your new router tuned Wi-Fi amplifier is performing adequately.


For boosting wifi signal, you can acquire a Wi-Fi-booster but if you own a spare router then you can completely transform it into a Wi-Fi amplifier. It is neither a extremely tricky undertaking to perform nor do you have to have any additional components. All you have to have is undertaking some variations in the configuration of the spare router.