How To Increase Traffic Conversion From Social Media

A typical network marketer (or channels manager) would use social media as one of the marketing channels in the marketing funnel. In simple words it means, that you post content on Facebook or Twitter, and from time to time you post a link to your blog, or website, or products, with an intention to convert the traffic from social media traffic to traffic of your own website.


There are several thumb rules to increase your traffic conversion, especially when dealing with Facebook pages:

  • Publish genuine content on social media: i.e. try to post real items, genuine photos etc – that create interest with users.
  • When posting text, accompany it with images, if possible
  • Do not post links too often: when you post too many links, it is considered as not valuable for the user, so your rating may decrease.
  • Do not post too often! Some people think that if they post often, their posts will be seen more. But this is incorrect, if you post less, Facebook recognizes that you didn’t post, and gives you priority over other frequent posts.
  • Make sure that the domain you are using (your website address, or blog address) is defined in the settings of the page. This is because Facebook would lower your rating if you post links to “3rd parties” while links to your own website are considered “in the family”, i.e. part of the page’s proper targets.
  • Use hashtags: hashtags in social media are like keywords for SEO. Make use of hashtags, but not of too many of them.
  • Use proper hashtags: using just “any hashtag” is not as good as using “the best hashtags”. Download and use free hashtags tools like TagPredict to make sure you are using the most popular hashtags, and not just any hashtag.
  • Example of how to use such hashtags optimization tools: lets say you want to post something about smartphone, it is not certain that #smartphone is the best hashtag to use! There could be millions of hashtags options – like #android or #IloveSmartphone or #mySmartphone…. Which one would you use? It could be that #smartPhone is actually not so popular, so you would waste your time here. We then suggest to search for the best hashtags, with tagpredict, and choose the most popular ones.

Following those thumb rules can help you in you SEO, network marketing, affiliate programs, traffic conversion, tricks and hacks. Good luck!