How to established White Bell ADSL Modem/Wi-fi Router 2Wire 2701HG in Bridge Manner

Hi there Everybody.

These days many businesses and house users in Toronto and Toronto GTA are getting White  Modem / Wi-fi Router 2Wire 2701HG from Bell Canada as an enhance although they now have network infrastructure and setup with other present Interior VPN Router, Wi-fi Router, Components Firewall,  Distant Desktop Connections, Personal computers, Servers and many others.

In purchase to help present inner/exterior network setup functioning with Bell 2Wire 2701HG White Modem/Wi-fi Router 2Wire 2701HG you may possibly be essential to reset it in Bridge Manner.

Bridge manner implies it is functioning as a DSL modem only.

As an option to re-flashing firmware or unlocking  2Wire White Modem / Wi-fi router 2701HG  stick to these instructions: 

  1. Connect White 2Wire Modem / Wi-fi Router to telephone line, power it on, wait around a minute, make sure DSL light-weight is on.
  2. Connect desktop computer or laptop to any LAN port of 2Wire Modem/Wi-fi Router working with Ethernet network cable.
  3. Use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or any other internet browser to obtain 2Wire Modem/Wi-fi Router’s website based interface. Default IP deal with may possibly be 192.168.two.1.
  4. Assure 2Wire 2701HG modem can not make PPPoE connection – Use INCORRECT  Username and/or Password for PPPoE connection options. Internet Link –> Highly developed Options.
  5. Disable DHCP Server on White 2Wire Modem/Router. Local or Property Network –> Highly developed Options.
  6. Disable Wi-fi on 2Wire 2701HG – it is ineffective now and will not get the job done anyway. Local or Property Network –>  Wi-fi –> Disable.
  7. Disable Firewall on 2Wire 2701HG Modem/ Wi-fi Router.   Software Support –> Highly developed Options –>  uncheck Stealth Manner and uncheck Block Ping.  Save Options. Now White Modem/Wi-fi Router 2Wire 2701HG is functioning in Bridge Manner. Take a glimpse at entrance panel of the 2wire modem / wi-fi router. Make sure Internet LED light-weight is Red. If it is even now environmentally friendly – make sure you saved all options. Disconnect desktop computer or laptop from 2Wire Modem/Router.
  8. Current Interior Router demands to be connected working with it can be WAN port to any two Wire’s LAN port (any a person 1-two-three or four , but use just a person).
  9. Set up Interior router to dial PPPoE connection working with Right Bell Username and Password.
  10. If wi-fi obtain is essential – use only Interior Wi-fi Router as a wi-fi obtain position.