Broadband by Satellite

Did you know we can get a broadband internet signal just about anyplace on earth through the use of satellites? This should not be as well a lot of a surprise—after all, by now most of you have read of men and women utilizing mobile satellite phones to spot phone calls from deserts, oceans, and mountaintops. It truly is not that a lot of a jump from a radio signal to an internet signal.

Owing to the mother nature of Broadband By Satellite technological innovation , it is not the best option for another person only browsing the net at household in a huge metropolis with various significant-velocity broadband internet service providers (ISPs). Broadband by satellite, nevertheless, is highly practical for men and women with no other internet solutions, living miles and miles from the closest ISP. This posting will explain the advantages and cons of broadband by satellite.

Benefits of Broadband by Satellite


To start with, the major edge of broadband by satellite is that you can get a broadband internet signal anyplace on earth, no make a difference how considerably you are from the closest Ethernet port of cable relationship. This is practical for men and women who reside in distant rural places exactly where the only internet solution out there is the agonizingly gradual 56 Kbps dial-up phone modem relationship.


2nd, by its really mother nature, broadband by satellite is a wi-fi relationship that lets sizeable freedom of motion. This is specifically practical for protecting an internet signal in mobile places, this kind of as while in shifting auto like trains or in a ship at sea.

Negatives of Broadband by Satellite

Line of Sight

In buy for a satellite dish to acquire a broadband internet signal, it have to have a totally free line of sight to the geostationary satellite in orbit. Road blocks this kind of as properties, trees, and even leaves can get the way of line-of-sight and block the signal, leaving you with no relationship.

Weather conditions

Whilst rain will not block a broadband by satellite signal, it will induce an interference recognised as “rain fade.” Rain fade benefits in slower upload & obtain speeds and a patchy relationship.

Connection Speed

When an internet signal has to travel 22,000 miles to a satellite in earth’s orbit and back, a selected about of latency (the hold off among requesting some details and finding a reaction) is unavoidable. The common latency for Broadband By Satellite is among 500 and 900 milliseconds—much even worse than even a dial-up internet relationship, exactly where the latency is only a hundred and fifty to two hundred milliseconds. Whilst this gradual details transfer velocity is just great for primary internet usage—email and internet browsing—it is as well gradual for computer applications that demand serious-time internet access, this kind of as internet gaming, videoconferencing, and VoIP (Voice in excess of IP) phone discussions.


Broadband by satellite costs substantially a lot more than earth-based, wired technological innovation like DSL or cable modems. On common, broadband by satellite costs two a few instances as a lot as from a land-based internet service supplier. Ultimately, Broadband By Satellite gear this kind of as the satellite dish and satellite modem costs among $600 and $2000, substantially a lot more than a cable or DSL modem, which ordinarily price tag a lot less than $a hundred and fifty